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Our adventure was not like those who got bored of life in the big city and started working with the desire to earn money by investing the money they had in the countryside. In our village, where we inhale the scent of the soil every time it rains and where the scent of flowers penetrates our lungs every spring, we also started our own olive groves, grown and cared for by our ancestors. More precisely, we were born into the olive and the culture it created. We have just expanded our work, which we do with the pride and respect of touching and protecting our trees, which we know were touched by the hands of our ancestors.

We have never lost our responsibility towards the olive groves that have grown on these lands for thousands of years. If necessary, we fell to the ground to pluck a single olive grain, and we were tied to the sacred tree with a sacred bond. With this bond, we do our job with love and respect.

Products: Olives and Olive Oil

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