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Our company has been rooted in the olive industry from grandfathers to grandchildren since 1938, and as a two-partner family company, it has adopted the vision of introducing quality "Gemlik Olives" under the brand name "MÜEZZİNOĞLU" to all countries of the world, and in this direction,
the production of table olives and olive packaging. It continues its activities by being innovative, strong, sensitive to the environment and people, and focused on all markets and regions.

Müezzinoğlu Olive produces the olives and varieties that decorate our consumers' breakfasts in extremely meticulous and hygienic environments in accordance with the Food Legislation, both before and during the packaging of the products.

The product collected from olive trees, without using any additives, using natural drinking water and edible salt, provides a good service with the company's latest system olive pools, large packaging area and strong team and equipment employed.

The products, which are prepared and packaged in hygienic environments with large and small vehicles belonging to our company, are systematically delivered to every region of our country.

Products: Olives, Olive Paste and Olive Oil

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