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Our company, which started selling live animals in 1933 and wholesale and retail meat sales in 1974, in a butcher shop in Yalova, opened its second branch in Çiftlikköy district in 1999.

Our company noticed the gap in mass consumption meat production in the sector in 2006 and separated its production from the butcher shop and established a 1,000 m² production facility on its own property in Çiftlikköy district. The facility located in Çiftlikköy district in 2017; Since it could not meet our dream of starting to produce beyond our capacity and achieving our goals of producing new products, Company Owner Serdar Yıldız implemented the project of moving to a new location; Sugören facility, which we currently serve, has started its work. After the property purchase, infrastructure and machinery-equipment procurement processes started. On October 29, 2018, we closed our Çiftlikköy facility and started production activities in our new location. Our new production location; on a total area of 14,000 m²; It was built on 5,500 m² closed and 8,500 m² open area. Our carcass warehouse capacity is planned to be 600 sets. In addition to our 120 tons of fresh final product and 300 tons of frozen final product warehouses; We have a shock warehouse capacity of 45 tons.

Products: Beef Products, Lamb Products, Processed Meat Products, Packaged Meat Products

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