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AD TARIM A.Ş. is established in year 2012 in Bursa-Orhangazi on a total 46.000 m2 manufactoring plant of which 12.000 m2 out of this total is closed. The establishment is line with licenced depot criteria.

Our establishment that started operating by the end of 2013, has storage, processing and packaging facilities on its own body and on the whole is established to handle 10.000 tons storage, 20.000 tons/year packaging capacity. Also our company possesses ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and Halal Food Certications.

GEMLİK is the region which gives its name to the highest quality table olive. All these olives collected from Gemlik and also other regions are delivered to our facilities and they are put to a natural fermantion process (maturation) in CTP ( Fiberglass Reinforced Polyesters) tanks which are approved by World Health Organization and have food certificate of conformity.

Owing to modern technologies and processing techniques that we use in our facility, our products are sanitary, of high quality and healthy and they are presented to consumers with guarantee of quality. We are a genuine olive manufacturer firm with our product continuity, with our high capacity of storage and processing and we give particular importance to environmental awareness. Our target is to be a firm that “sets the rules” in Turkey’s olive sector which involves the purchasing, processing and delivering to end user.

Products: Black Olives, Green Olives, Sunflower Oil, Blueberry

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