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Exporter Associations are professional organizations, operating in several regions of Turkey since 1937. Their mission is to contribute to the economic development of Turkey through improving foreign trade. Exporter associations have several administrative organs such as general assemblies, boards of directors, supervisory boards and secretariat generals. The general assemblies, the highest decision making organ of the associations, are composed of members (exporters). They convene once a year and establish general guidelines for the administration. The boards of directors and supervisory boards are elected in the general assemblies for a period of two years. 

Dealing with all of the export activities of the companies at the export density regions, Exporters' Associations in Turkey basically aims those overall objectives based on: preserving professional moral and cooperation among member exporting companies, increasing their exports, verifying product items, ensuring competition power for the products, helping exporters by export procedures and relevant legislations while defending members' benefits in the local or international markets. 

Moreover, in the frame of increasing exports from the region, Exporters' Associations perform various scientific observation and researches, organize business seminars and training activities, prepare publications and advertisements at abroad, hold fairs and scientific meetings in case of necessity, in addition to other activities for improvement of the exporting sectors. Additionally, the subjects including the Information of the exporter companies through the developments in the foreign trade issues, statistics and reporting studies, organizing mutual exchange committees with various countries are included in the job definitions of the exporters associations. Besides, they provide advanced online service to the members thanks to their strong technological infrastructure.

Under the jurisdiction of the upper organization named as "Turkish Exporters Assembly”, Exporter Associations are organized Turkey-wide under 13 General Secretariats. The Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association (DKIB) owns the last General Secretariat established in 1998, in Trabzon. Eastern Black Sea Association covers Trabzon, Rize and Artvin provinces of Turkey's Eastern Black Sea Region with in the context of its field of its activity.

However, General Secretariat of Eastern Black Sea Exporters' Association (DKIB) is a non-governmental institution consisting of over 1500 members in its body. As the other 12 General Secretariats of Exporters' Associations in Turkey, DKIB is a professional organization where both governmental responsibilities and representation of real sector intersect. In this respect Associations of exporters are one of the rare organization models in the world.

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